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Bow Ties for Him

We are very happy to announce that we added beautiful bow ties in four colors to our collection! The bow ties are made of 100% silk, same fabric material as used for our dresses.

As a brand that supports sustainable production, we use leftover fabric pieces for making the bow ties to have as little waste of material as possible. This is not only a step into the right direction, it is also a wonderful idea for him to match his woman's taste of fashion.

Cheers to zero-waste fashion...and couples, stay classy!

First-ever ISABELLA PARIS Couture Pop Up

Our first-ever ISABELLA PARIS Couture Pop Up will take place at the Rose Room in Venice, CA, on December 14th 2017. Just in time to shop your perfect holiday dress. Besides brand new dress styles the pop up shop brings you a surprise pre-launch of an ISABELLA PARIS accessory, you don't want to miss.

Happy shopping!!

Holiday Pop Up - 6 Rose Ave, Venice - 6pm-11pm - Dec 14th 2017

Cocktail Dresses made in Los Angeles

ISABELLA PARIS Couture founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, California, is a young label with focus on cocktail dresses. All styles are designed and manufactured locally in Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles. Our goal is to bring a classic designer sensibility to the contemporary customer. 

ISABELLA PARIS Couture supports slow fashion movement, that means moving away from mass production and towards sustainable fashion, taking time to ensure quality production to achieve longevity of our garments. We offer a small amount of classic, timeless styles, and use local resources to support the development of local businesses and skills.

Right now, we are...